1. Three AA members under 40 years of age with a minimum of one year of sobriety must represent the bidding city. Support by AA members of all ages is strongly encouraged.
  2. Bidders must have commitments from at least two appropriate facilities (hotels, universities, convention centers, gymnasiums, etc.) so sized as to be able accommodate the entire conference. Please include the proposed dates and diagrams of the available meeting space. All costs, both to the committee and to the attendee, must be outlined.
  3. Bidders must have available a temporary pre-registration flyer with a mailing address.
  4. Whenever possible, provide that no large scale AA activity will be held in their city within a 30 day period before and a 30 day period after the conference date.
  5. Prospective bidders will be required to demonstrate financial autonomy and responsibility within the traditions of AA as a whole, being directly involved in any activity from which funds are appreciated.
  6. The new host city must agree that all proceeds after expenses are to be turned over to the Advisory Council for their disposition.
  7. There will be a maximum limit of 30 minutes for the presentation by each bidding city.
  8. Bidders must concisely state how hosting the Conference in their area will serve to carry the message of recovery to alcoholics in need, especially the young person in South Carolina.
  9. Conference theme must be taken from a direct quote from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and the SCCYPAA trademark should be incorporated into all conference paraphernalia.

Host Committee Responsibilities

The following suggestions are from the Advisory Council and are to be considered by the new Host Committee. They are based on previous conference experience.

  1. This conference does a greater job of carrying the message to young alcoholics when the conference planning committee is comprised of members 40 and under, with a minimum of one (1) year’s sobriety. This committee should be comprised of 15 to 21 members but no one should be excluded.
  2. Many alcoholics travel great distances to hear and meet with other young alcoholics and to learn how the young alcoholic achieves sobriety. With this in mind, the council recommends an endeavor to obtain 75% of the speakers in the 40 and under age group.
  3. To comply with 7th tradition guides, the council feels that speakers should receive registration, room accommodations and any other expenses deemed appropriate by the Host Committee.
  4. At the conference, wherever the main registration is located or the center focal point, we urge that nothing but AA conference approved literature be sold. Experience has shown that a “Flea Market” can develop and those unaware of our endeavor can be mislead, especially by the press, radio and film. Keep the 12 traditions in mind at all times.
  5. Schedule the following meeting on the program: “Bid Sessions” at 8:00am on Saturday. Also ensure time is available for announcements by the Advisory Council at the end of the Saturday night meeting. A room must be made available for use by the Advisory Council for it’s meetings throughout the weekend.
  6. Ensure all archival material (conference T-shirt, program, set of speaker tapes, Host meeting minutes, etc.) are given to the Advisory Counsel Archivist at the end of the conference.
  7. The Host Committee should be directly involved with any activity from which funds may be generated.
  8. Before closing the Conference, allow the new host committee members to announce and invite the current attendees to the next year’s conference.